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Why Sell Your Fine Automobile With Flexborrow?

Flexborrow works with fine automobile owners like you who lack the time,  expertise or connections to sell their car quickly and efficiently. As a global leader in the luxury/exotic auto industry, we are uniquely positioned to reach a worldwide network of sophisticated individuals as well as dealers to sell your car quickly, for the right price. From transport, detailing and marketing, to negotiating, financing & wiring you funds, Flexborrow manages the entire process with an unparalleled level of professionalism.

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How long will it take to sell my car?

65% of cars sell within 60 days.

What percentage do you take?

We work with several fee arrangements, all of which incentivize us to sell it quickly and for the most money. It is important to note that we don’t earn any money until you are paid in full for your car.

How do I know what my car is worth?

Our expert staff will give you a no obligation, personalized appraisal. The appraisal includes what similar cars are selling for, where your vehicle fits within the overall marketplace (supply), insight into the selling climate (demand), a tailored marketing strategy for your specific vehicle, and overall projected expectations for selling your car.

Can you take care of getting my car detailed / repaired / serviced?

YES. Flexborrow can perform or arrange any cosmetic reconditioning or mechanical service your vehicle may need to get it ready to sell.

What is a sales advance?

It is an immediate advance of funds upon receiving your car prior to the sale of it.

What if I have a bank loan?

Flexborrow will handle the entire pay-off and title transfer process when your car sells. You will simply receive a check or wire transfer for the difference between your loan balance and your vehicle sales net, and you won't have to do anything else.

Can you accept trade-ins on my car?

YES. As a part of Flexborrow's network, your car will receive all the benefits any other car would enjoy, and the ability to accept trades is a key factor since 65% of buyers have a vehicle they'd like to trade in.

Can my car be financed by a new buyer?

YES. 80% of buyers finance part or all of their car purchase, and Flexborrow offers financing options from a wide range of banks and credit unions. All of these resources are available to buyers for your car, which vastly increases the overall pool of potential buyers and makes the transaction possible/easier for the purchaser versus buying from a private party, regardless of their credit.

What does Flexborrow do that I couldn't do on my own?

Your car is listed on over 100 websites and publications worldwide. These listings feature over 20 professionally taken photographs, and descriptions written by our experts. Your car is placed in the right showroom for your car that will ultimately result in the best sales price. The time, energy, and expertise put into your car's presentation both online and offline by Flexborrow will far exceed resources you have on your own .

Why would I pay you to sell my car when I can just list it on Hemmings, Ebay or Craigslist on my own free time?

First of all, do you really have a lot of free time? Sure, throwing your car on one of these sites might work, in the same way that pulling your own tooth can work. But having any job done by a trained, experienced professional is simply going to yield better results, and the complex process of marketing and selling a high end vehicle is no different. Selling your car through Flexborrow offers exponentially more exposure than you can generate on your own – both online and in person, plus you will reap the benefits of an entire staff of trained professionals working for you, seven days a week, before, during and after the sale.

I don't want to wait; can I just sell my car to Flexborrow right now?

Of course! We are always looking to purchase premium quality sports cars, luxury imports, and classic cars of all kinds for our inventory. Selling your car on the spot is always an option, though many customers prefer the opportunity realize a higher value above wholesale for their car by utilizing our popular managed sale service.

Do you accept any cars?

NO. In fact, we turn away many more cars than we accept for our program. Flexborrow chooses to only manage the sales on fine automobiles. Your car will have to get our experts' approval but rest assured if it does, your car will get the attention it deserves.

Do I have the final say?

YES! Your job in the process once we have your car is to simply say yes or no to the reasonable offers we bring you and then tell us to send a check or wire the funds, it’s just that simple.

The Process: Simple, Fast, Discreet.

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